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Generation P was rather interesting some years ago Now the life is changed and something is not actual any But the sense of humor still seems great and unusual.If you ask me what I read 10 years ago that ll be the first book I ll mention. This book is insane Really, I don t understand why so many people like him. This book had some interesting moments.My favourite element the thought processes of the protagonist when he was generating his slogans That involves world play, puns and an understanding of Soviet and Soviet cultures good stuff Still, I have to admit that the primary reason for reading this book was s pot r spunde la ntreb ri CUC Great satire While it is written 2001 some jokes stopped being jokes I would probably would give this book firm 4 but it is very interesting that I have finish it on the day when Putin disband a relatively independent news organization and have put a guy in controls who, according to link says Gays should be prohibited from donated blood, sperm, he says in the video clip And their hearts, in case they die in a car accident, should be buried or burned as unfit for extending anyone s life Yeah, you go Putin Your end will be mesmerizing.

A pretty good book taking place in Russia after the fall of Soviet Union In this world where the country and its people are making a transition from communism to a wide consumer world the main character gets a job in marketing to promote new coming western products for the Russians.The book consists of many themes It is mainly a satire of the western consumer culture where people are happy about spending money than about the product itself and how human mind is being manipulated Homo Zapiens is a great chapter where he describes the whole idea after having an ouija board conversation with Che.All the drug trips he has through the book add to the bizarre and philosophical elements of the book I loved them, great atmosphere and awesome language use to describe them.anyways a good book, makes one both laugh and think. lots of meaning, but glad i did not read the full version brief book was enough this is some stuff the author could only write when stoned and smoked.it is advertising industry mason conspiracy theory ancient middle eastern gods.not recommended. Everything regarding Generation P is gloomy I found myself in the gloomy, uncertain weather of Moscow, stuck in the early 90s Strangely enought, it wasn t such a bad feeling but I m not sure I d like it to last. Pelevin is must read for everyone, who is interested 1 How do people live in Russia after USSR collapsed2 Whats wrong with us in capitalistic societiesU r right, that from the first sight, they don t look similar.Without spoiling, the thing i got our minds are full of garbage we need to clean.And yep, enjoy it definitely gonna broad ur imagination. ^Free E-pub ☉ Generation "П" ↠ Generation