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, (((Free Book))) ⇸ Окаянные дни ↳ The Nobel Prize Winning Author S Great Anti Bolshevik Diary Of The Russian Revolution, Translated Into English For The First Time, With An Introduction And Notes By Thomas Gaiton Marullo A Harrowing Description Of The Forerunners Of The Concentration Camps And The Gulag 5 ,. A revolution is not a tea party, said Mao Tse tung It is an act of violence by which one class overthrows another Nobel prize winning author Ivan Bunin, born in genteel circumstances, could not but agree In Cursed Days he chronicles the dark side of Bolshevik revolution It was written while chaos in the streets was ongoing and rumors about the ephemeral victories off the White armies were rife Bunin has tough things to say about cynical revolutionaries like Trotsky and Lenin and their clueless enablers among students and intellectuals He also berates The Folk for turning into ravening beasts the minute the yoke was lifted Some parts are hard to read as the highly strung Bunin tries to write despite feeling the choking, dizziness, chills, nausea, sweating, and trembling of anxiety How he escaped to Paris without having a heart attack amazes me. Must read 100 One of the most authentic and accurate first hand accounts of the cruelty of the Russian Revolution It is so vivid it sends chills down the spine It reveals how a human heart can be the most cruel in this universe Tragic. Anyone who says this is depressing hasnt read Shalomov Its witty, erudite, learned, depressing, angry, sexy, sad, dreamy, detailed, cogent, arrogant, ignorant and scared What do you expect This book is best read by the other Thomas G Marullo edited books Russian Requiem and Notes From a Distant Shore.also his study of Bunin s work, also Bunin himself, also some in depth works on the Russian Revolution, not just the White lit, but the pro Bolshevik stuff John Reed, Gorky, Red Victory by W Bruce Lincoln, a few histories on the Revolution, my personal favorite , desoite his controversy is Orlando Figes , he looks at the Rev from 1891, time of Famine to death of Lenin Bunin, although he did come from the gentry was a social democrat, it was illogical to be for Tsarism at this time I say this as a Russian Orthodox conservative not Tea Party, think Euro Right, far right, mixed with socialism the Tsar was negligent to say the least and culpable to say the worst Its no wonder Bolshevism became popular Bunin was great friends with many Russian literery giants, from Tolstoy to Chekhov, Gorky was a good friend, he and his wife visited Capri, I think a few times, they wrote letters, they loved each otherthen the Revolution happened Gorkys own life was textbook communist how could the young Maxim Peshkov , homeless and destitute at 12, NOT be a communist Or, angryergo, his nom deplume guerre Gorkyliterally bitter The friendship died This is another tragedy of war, friendships Truth dies first, then friendships The White movement consisted of Tsarists, monarchists, radical conservatives, social democrats yearning for a dead Russia Bunin , madmen, aristocrats, businessmen,Russian Orthodox, Muslims and Buddhists a hodge podge united in hate The Civil War in the cities, indeed all over Russia, were times of immense suffering famine, slaughter, incessant pain Zamyatins short story The Cave is one of the best bullets to the heart , that depicts this period Cursed Days is another Do yourself a favor and , if you arent acquianted with the Revolution, the times that birthed it, or the culture, read up, then read this.then it makes sense This man, genteel, with total control over his art, his writing is so intense, so rich, so magicalSukhodal Dry Valley and Mityas Love.then the Revolution comes, destroying his country, friendships, his entire world In the other books edited by Marullo, there are snippets of conversations with Gorky, Chekhov, Tolstoy, memories by others of Bunin, mixed in with sketches by Vanya.these are some of my favorite books to read and reread, ad nauseum. ,. ,1917 , . , 1918,. . Awesome book, shame it appeared to be that tiny Someone need to dig out the other Bunin s notes from Odessa.