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FREE õ Alcestis in the Underworld è In Greek Myth, Alcestis Descends To The Underworld In Place Of Her Husband, A King, So That He May Continue To Rule The Living After She Returns, She And Her Family Live Presumably Happily Ever After But She Has Seen And Learned Things No One Else Knows Alcestis In The Underworld Articulates The Poet S Personal Experience Of Civic Duty Her Life In Moscow As A US Diplomat, After Growing Up In Then USSR Ukraine Alcestis in the Under World takes you on a journey that glimpses into other worldsfrom the haunting Soft Targets,The Ghosts of Spies and Collection needs to the wistful St Nina s parables and striking Each Spring in Moscow So many of these poems have stayed with me after reading How to Fail at Gardening, has echoes of R S Thomas for me and speaks powerfully of how we are here at nature s sufferance the garden has no time for your delusions The Forest of things takes us to where the lights of home are far behind.The collection stitches together a unique gathering of memory, experience and insight where words take their leave A collection I will return too and I look forward to reading

I usually do not read poetry, but this title jumped out at me Simply Beautiful I am truly in awe of Murray s way with words and I empathize with her and her plight I did not expect to be hit with such an emotional response to her work.