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Much better than I expected it to be It starts fairly slow, but fight through the first 50 or so pages, it s worth it #Read Epub Á The Russian Interpreter Ø Amazing Books, The Russian Interpreter Author Michael Frayn This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Russian Interpreter, Essay By Michael Frayn Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A little different but I kinda liked it 2 1 2 starsI d never heard of Michael Frayn prior to this book I happened to run into this book on my local discount bookstore and was intrigued by the title and the book cover I thought The Russian Interpreter was an independent movie I may have seen It s not but after reading this book it is most definitely a worthy candidate This is a short book with excellent writing and I was shocked to see no quotes or much talk about it Having finished the book, I kind of know why Again the writing was quite good, the situations odd however, I would say while you re reading it the characters are interesting but the moment you put the book down I don t think they stick with you I didn t have many moments that I wondered with anticipation what the characters next moves were outside of the book to the point that it motivated me to speedily pick up the book and return to the story at hand As per the title, Paul Manning is a British gentleman living in Russia working on his thesis, he is bilingual and finds himself employed as an interpreter Manning precariously ends up in the employ of a fellow college chum country man Gordon Proctor Gould Proctor Gould is an odd character who fancy s himself some sort of self important dealer in personalities and liaison between Russia and the west The intention is to have Manning interpret for Proctor Gould as he portrays the successful man about town in his endeavor as what seems to be a career as a talent scout of sorts He wants to bring interesting Russian people to Britain and make them celebrities Of course, this is Russia so things are never just this simple There are secrets, suspicions, odd political goings on Everyone is suspected of being a spy Nothing is as it seems And what is the out come Well it s very curious in deed The author did a good job You really did get a good feel for the locations You could feel this cold at times austere Russia You could feel the sense of madness, confusion, paranoia, suspicion in the air The writing style was not difficult to read I also appreciate the author committing so much to such a short book At one point I thought maybe it could go another hundred pages but it took a turn and I was thankful it knew when to finish itself Would I recommend it Sure Was not nuts about the conclusion but perfect books are rare I want to go with a 2 1 2 but giving it only a two is too low a score when it s worthy of the half, it s really a 2 1 2 Good Characters kinda interestingly odd but not memorable And the ending was a little rushed, soft and flat Yes, I will try another book by this author The writing was good. The Russian Interpreter is a story about Raya, a beautiful but unmanageable Moscow blonde who speaks no English, and the affair she embarks upon with a dubious British businessman named Gordon Proctor Gould Although Proctor Gould claims their passionate love transcends the confines of the language barrier, they nonetheless find themselves reliant on Paul Manning, a student of the University of Moscow who finds himself unwittingly roped into a lukewarm Cold War spy saga Manning, tortured by the thesis he never expects to complete, is bored with his country and dreams of escaping to Scandinavia He lives in a country still recovering from a war, one where battered helmets of German soldiers can still be found in the vast woods He actually meets Raya first, although the self centred Proctor Gould soon claims her for himself, demoting the poor student to the level of a hapless third wheel But Raya, for all her beauty, soon turns out to be trickier to handle than the Nescafe drinking Proctor Gould could ever have imagined After she begins to steal his books, and his precious Nescafe, from his apartment, he turns once again to his translator friend to help him understand in every sense of the word just what the heck is going on In some moments in this book, the reader may find themselves asking for a decipherer too Frayn deliberately avoids clearly explaining the nature of Proctor Gould s work, and just what shady characters he s working for in order to maintain the aura of espionage and deceit Like Manning, the author was a university student himself when he wrote The Russian Interpreter , staying in early Cold War Moscow on what he reckons was the first ever student exchange programme When the novel was reissued in 2005, Frayn described how his time there influenced his work Everything from the empty monumental prospects in the centre to the vainglorious slogans and tumbledown wooden houses on the outskirts made its way into The Russian Interpreter , and even some people did too Katya, for example, a friend of Manning s, is the embodiment of many of the lost souls Frayn met during his youth She s vulnerable, na ve and pious, and awkwardly at odds with everyone and everything around her, Frayn said In the novel, however, she is symptomatic of the slightly underdeveloped nature of the whole work There are glimmers of a funny and classy style here, but they don t reveal themselves as much as they did in Frayn s other books from around the same time, such as The Tin Men and Towards the End of the Morning Nonetheless, I think I gold star for effort is than well deserved. The Russian Interpreter is the story of a British academic based at Moscow University who becomes embroiled in an piece of minor espionage through no fault of his own It s funny, quirky and entertaining Unlike most spy stories the focus is on character rather than plot but then Michael Frayn is not a writer of genre fiction but a literary novelist There s a lot of of playing with ideas which is rather characteristic of Frayn, and an emphasis on the aburdity of both the public and private posturing which we impose on others and our ourselves It s not profoundly moving but it s certainly diverting. Now available in the US Paperback

I want to give this three and a half stars It s Frayn so it s beautifully written, and lots of what happens is fascinating But I didn t find it funny perhaps you have to be in the right mood and at the end I was left thinking what the heck was that all about , which can sometimes be a good thing but in this case was just annoying I wanted to understand of what had happened, and I felt a bit cheated. Know the truth, even if it goes with you in silence to the grave These words are poignant in Frayn s story of espionage The Russian Interpreter began guilelessly as a little romance between an English businessman Gordon Proctor Gould and his new found Russian love interest Raya Paul Manning, an English student writing his thesis at Moscow University, was unwittingly drawn into an assignment larger and bewildering than his ostensible role as a Russian interpreter for Proctor Gould s business and his infatuation with Raya The playful humor, however, soon took on a sinister quality when the nature of Proctor Gould s business in Russia started to unfold Frayn is a skilled master at telling stories of intrigue, deception, and counter deception When the novel ends, one suspects the truth hasn t yet been told, at least not all of it Interesting read that sheds some light on Russian consciousness Frayn gets you laughing initially, then growing indignant and perplexed, and finally leaves you wondering what indeed is the truth. M0127324.