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Ted Cross s The Immortality Game tells about a girl named Zoya who gets a mysterious package from her brother not long before she finds him dead, and who then has to flee for her life from the mobsters that killed her brother.There is also Marcus who leaves Phoenix, Arizona for Moscow in search of that same package as it might help his dead father Javier Saenz who only exists in the digital world get a new body.Set in Moscow of the year 2138, which is far from a safe place, The Immortality Game makes a riveting technothriller where there s lots of action, tension and suspense Realistic and gritty, it s a perfect read for lovers of sci fi and cyberpunk.It would make a great movie, in my opinion Can t wait to read Ted Cross s future releases. The first line begins, Zoya hummed along to a pre dark times rock tune as she sketched a final line of purple lipstick onto the grossly fat man on the stainless steel slab It pretty much sets the tone of this science fiction thriller, and Ted Cross ability to wield words reminds me of Martin Cruz Smith, author of Three Stations, who has an equally torrid ability to bring life to black and white letters on a page I guess it s kind of eerie then that in my comparison, the first chapter begins in Moscow of all places But if you want something to come across as gritty, harsh, and cold is there a better place to start than Mother Russia In the Immortality Game, China and America West are racing to be the first to reach New Eden using ponderous space ships that will take centuries to bridge the gulf of space However, the Russians have a different idea A small and fast ship carrying a precious cargo of D.N.A.And therein is the answer to the question of how we can sail across the stars The plot doesn t seek to reinvent a spin on the creation of a FTL drive Rather, it s in the roots of modern science and a bold statement that space colonization will not be done by those who live now, but by those who have yet to be born.If you are a fan of Orphan Black, the idea of cloning humans from DNA samples, and aging them not only to create other humans but to give them a mind, then this is a book for you The Immortality Game is on the cutting edge of hard science fiction, and provides a solution to colonialism that s pretty original considering that I ve only seen it in use in Christopher Nolan s Interstellar This is a thrilling ride for anyone that loves exciting science fiction books. A slow start but then the tension rise.Here is my full reviewOn 8th of January I read following post over at Pat s Fantasy Hotlist Calling on all self published indie speculative fiction writers Final UpdateThere was a book mentioned in the post which aroused my interest I was impressed when I read that the author paid 2000 USD out of his own pocket for the cover art done by the well known Stephan Martiniere.I was surprised by the cheap price for the digital copy and based on price, cover and blurb I decided to buy a copy of The Immortality Game digital November 2014 Kindle ASIN B00PGW5YZ8 by Ted Cross I had expectations and wanted to get the answer to the question Does the The Immortality Game lives up to its cover The DeliveryThe 278 pages are divided into 35 named chapters followed by an epilogue.The cover serve the main purpose to raise attention perfectly It seems a futuristic big city plays a certain role which the book description confirm.Take place and fasten seat belt in Ted Cross virtual time machine The date display in front of you shows 2138 and a scarcely audible voice in your head murmurs Welcome to Moscow.A shiver cross your body when you see a young woman working with a corpse and your nose recognise the smell of embalming fluid and decay The young woman is Zoya and her job is not the average eight to five office job The world has changed and in order to survive one can t be picky.A package containing two data cards and the death of her brother Georgy set the story in motion which will keep you captivated until the unexpected end which is an end and an option for a sequel.But there is much between the beginning and the end which deserve to be mentioned.As you assume right, Zoya is one of the main characters She is strong and vulnerable at the same time She does not hide her emotions and she always believe in the good in mankind which take her quite often into trouble.There are a lot of other people who have an impact on Zoya s live on different levels and direct and indirect Even Ted Cross does not tend to write extended description of beings and places, he deliver in a few words characterisations which blossom based on your skill of imagination or to use other words, the imagination the better.There are at least to characters which must be mentioned There is Javier Saenz who is a well known computer scientist Unfortunately you can t meet him in person because he died years ago But he still exist in the digital world.He is a virtual person and highly interested in the data cards His body in the real world is his only son Marcus who is a former mesh addicted He is a kind and intelligent person In order to get the data cards Javier Saenz send his son to Moscow where most of the action takes place.Beside that a lot persons and fractions each with their own agenda are involved in the action paced and emotional race to get the two data cards.The world is not a pleasant one It does not matter if you look at it world wide Russia, China and America West work on different strategies to go to space in order to inhabit other planets It is difficult because there is still no FLT drive available.Millions of people are mesh addicted Mesh is an all consuming virtual reality place There are people who live or less constantly in the Mesh.Russia There is no democracy Instead Army, Russian Mafia, Politicians and others like the group of people living in the underground fight for power Not to forget a group of Russian scientists in the hand of the Army.In the end or less everything is related to the two unusual data cards which reminded me in a way of a small piece of jewelry well known as my precious..Is Zoya the female counterpart to someone with big naked feet Belong the Russian scientists to the fellowship of Who will get the data cards and for what purpose they will be used The title of the book is the shortest description of what you can expect.It is The Immortality Game a game which is like a war with a lot of violence and breakneck action, heartbreaking moments, thoughtful passages and a pinch of science.Nevertheless it is the humanity in form of Zoya supported by Marcus and many which shows that mankind is not lost as long as there are human beings like them.Dear Ted Cross,thank you very much for investing 2000 USD for the cover Without I would have missed your excellent story The content of The Immortality Game lives up to its cover and Please write such excellent books I will definitely have a look at your boosk even the covers would be totally black. Actual rating 4.5 starsIt s year 2138 in Moscow Zoya is working with a corpse when her brother, Georgy suddenly appears at the morgue He thrusts a package to her and asks her help to deliver the package back to him the next day Zoya never thought that day would change her life, forever.The Immortal Game is a cyberpunk, dystopian science fiction that sets in the future where everyone has some sort of network connection port and card slot that is implanted into their bodies Wealthier people could even get wireless device installed into their system to allow wireless communications among users How convenient is that.I purchased The Immortal Game on with only 0.99 My original purpose is to read some science fiction with premise like biotechnology for one of my story ideas At first, I felt obliged to read it since it s a reference book and the pace at the beginning of the book is quite slow It s understandable as usually science fiction will need some time to getting the environment setup for the readers.So, I started reading it in October 2015 then I set it aside after reading about 12% of the book Then since 15th March 2016, I resumed reading the book, thanks to the Cloud Reader which provides me convenience of reading at my work desk Ted s idea of having human bodies implanted with data ports and slots might not be original but I personally find it amusing because I m a programmer Having an ability to read from a data card through the port slot is a very cool idea and it makes human a cyborg Imagine that you don t need a cellphone to make phone calls to your friend, all you need is a wireless device implanted in your body The character of Zoya undergoing a very great development in this book The lost of her beloved family members and friends having a great impact on how she behaves, not to say that something critical happened in between that allows her to become Lara Croft.The story picked up its pace after Zoya encountered with the mobsters that are hunting for the two data cards that exists in the package she reluctantly received from Georgy Apparently the content of the cards might change the world in a disastrous way if they landed on the hands of the bad guys It starts to get intense when Marcus joins Zoya in her suicidal mission.I found the resolution comes in too quickly, I expect to have explanations going on But in overall, it s a satisfying ending which triggered my serious thought in this topic Do I want to be immortal It s interesting to have another version of me in different body How would we interact with each other Could we get along well simply because we re having the same thought I definitely think this book is worth reading if you re a big fan of science fiction, especially on cyberpunk That ll be great if this story is made into a movie.This review is originally posted on [ Read Book ] ☤ The Immortality Game ♟ Moscow, With The World Only Beginning To Recover From The Complete Societal Collapse Of The Late St Century, Zoya Scrapes By Prepping Corpses For Funerals And Dreams Of Saving Enough Money To Have A Child When Her Brother Forces Her To Bring Him A Mysterious Package, She Witnesses His Murder And Finds Herself On The Run From Ruthless Mobsters Frantically Trying To Stay Alive And Save Her Loved Ones, Zoya Opens The Package And Discovers Two Unusual Data Cards, One That Allows Her To Fight Back Against The Mafia And Another Which May Hold The Key To Everlasting Life

DNF I don t know, maybe I m just not in the right frame of mind for this book I found it boring and each page I read I got distracted and found something interesting to do The different POVs really chopped up the flow too, and I already found myself groaning in the few first pages of the book You know what I m talking about It gets to a semi interesting part and BAM, change POV to something completely different I wasn t in the mood for that kind of crap I ll probably come back to it later, seeing as it s cyberpunk one of my favourite genres sub genres , but for now I m dnf ing it. I m not normally a quick reader, but I was drawn into the world of The Immortality Game from the opening chapter through the ending The futuristic setting was immediately and expertly introduced, and the female lead character, Zoya, had a good girl appeal from the opening dialogue with her roguish brother The world after The Dark Times is further built through the perspective of Marcus, the young son of a deceased millionaire who invented the program cure for the internet virus that hackers used to topple governments and cripple the business world The program also made possible a widespread addiction called meshing , which nearly destroys humanity to the point of extinction.This story is action packed, but has a steady pace that drew me completely into the world Although filled with cyber speak, it doesn t take a degree or interest in science or engineering to relate to the simple terminology If you ve watch the world news or own your own computer, you ll be familiar with slots, discs, wireless, clones, air cars, intergalactic space travel, and the concept that there is always a war somewhere Mr Cross takes exploratory technology of today, sets it in a world little than a hundred years in the future, and adds an intense twist to world politics and everyday game playing and vice.I enjoyed how the author took two average people who would likely never meet, and who have no extra ordinary skills, placed them in a situation to make choices between loyalty, family, and basic morality, and used the available technology and societal rules of the time to force them to rise to the challenges And who isn t curious about the inner workings of the Russian Mafia, and how normal citizens survive in such a hostile environment The Immortality Game gave me a sense of hope for the future, even while it listed the devastation of relying on the virtual pleasures of cyber space and cyber lovers, the loss of individuality and connection with people, even the loss of life Marcus deceased father integrated his genius mind into the internet and retains his basic personality while seeking the genetic compatibility of a clone body to restore his humanity, and he uses his world wide connection to protect his only son from the oblivion of meshing Zoya has hope of using the found technology to assist her in rescuing her brother, her friends, and her hope of having a child of her own Marcus is searching for his purpose in life and a reason to remain addiction free without the protective firewalls of his father s intervention.I think this story would appeal to readers who enjoy a little romance and technology in the story without it overwhelming the concepts of intrigue and the search for immortality I give The Immortality Game five stars and would definitely read titles by the author Ted Cross. I was attracted to this book by two things First, Ted Cross, the author, has spent serious time in Moscow, where the story is set, and currently resides in lovely Baku, Azerbaijan Second, just look at that cover It s from Stephan Martiniere, one of the premier SF illustrators Fortunately, The Immortality Game lives up to its cover Set primarily in Moscow in the summer of 2138, the book is the story of Zoya and Marcus Zoya is a Russian teenager, who by accident comes in possession of some military cyber ware Marcus is a twenty something American and former addict of The Mesh, an all consuming virtual reality place Marcus is also being led around by his dad or rather an AI construct that has his dad s memories and personalities Marcus s dad thinks that Zoya s cyber ware, or rather the folks that made it, can be used to download him into a real body Alas, said Russian cyber tech is valuable, and the Russian mob wants it Also, the world of 2138 is a radically different place, with what s left of America being ruled by the Mormon Church This basic setup leads to an action packed series of events, as the two young people struggle to survive Also struggling are the Russian scientists who invented the tech, and pretty much all of the good guys are way out of their depth While all of this action is going on, the author doesn t skimp on character building Everybody, from our leads to the Russian hit men and their bosses, has at least some character arc and development I have to say I also liked the ending The author has a chance to go with the conventional happy ever after ending but he doesn t, subverting it while not being a complete downer Zoya, Marcus and his dad all have substantial development, which leads them to some interesting places I also liked Mr Cross s eye for detail For example, his Moscow is full of poplar seeds floating like snowflakes in the summer breeze If you can t tell, I really enjoyed reading The Immortality Game. It is gratifying to me, and it comes along so rarely, that a story has the trifecta of important pieces, all developed well character, setting and plot Zoya and Marcus are everyman in different ways, Marcus in recovery from a Mesh addiction that escape to a fantasy world of his choosing where his body is stabilized in a bed and his head hooked into escape instead of reality , son of a very wealthy but mostly dead man who had managed to finally eradicate viruses from the online world Zoya is working poor in a place with DRASTIC disparities between people who can do pretty much anything they want and people barely getting by And Ted manages to give them realistic motive to get involved and realistic means to up their game to the necessary skills The setting is fascinating and seems realistic, given the distance in the future, and the plot is highly tense and comes together several PoV characters start in different places well.More than all this though, this is the first book I ve read in quite some time that was completely Un put downable I found myself reaching for it every chance I got Even if you are not a Sci Fi or Cyberpunk fan normally, the thriller nature of this and the great characters will pull you in.Note I received an advanced copy of this book in preparation for an author interview. Brilliant, intelligent, fast paced sci fi fun I picked up The Immortality Game and could not put it down Usually I read several books at a time, but nothing made its way into my reading time other than The Immortality Game and I read it in 1 3 the time it normally takes me to read a novel The author clearly has great strength in world creation and in making characters feel real, like they could be someone you know I love it when an author can make me feel that way about their characters, especially when we re talking a Sci Fi or Fantasy book.Zora is strong willed, with quick decision making skills as she first reacts with the stunningly cool and disastrous events that come her way And her male counterpart, Marcus, is what the everyman would be like when plunged into an awesome sci fi technothriller.I loved the futuristic Russian setting as well and also Cross descriptions of what other portions of the world have become.This is a book that quite simply, if you love Sci Fi or Thrilling reads, you just must pick up I m beginning reading Cross newest release, The Shard, today P.s On a side note, the cover is stunning