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Senior Lieutenant Pavel Matyushkin is on a train, returning from the countryside with his girlfriend and her son, when he is called upon to intervene because a man is harassing a woman He expects the result to be time consuming, but because he arrests this man, he is pulled into first an investigation into a string of burglaries and then into a murder investigation which could destroy his life.A high up Soviet official is found dead, and the authorities want the investigation wrapped up as quickly as possible Pavel suspects that a lot is going on with the murder than the people in power want to see, and he risks everything to keep puzzling it out.This was a great book with a multilayered mystery, interesting characters with complicated relationships, and a vivid atmosphere. I loved this book and stayed up half the night to find out whodunit and why and then had to read that part again to make sure I understood all the intricacies of the plot Clearly, Alexei Bayer is a lot of smarter than I am and a lot devious I d love to read another Pavel Matyushkin mystery he s a smart, likable character trying to do his job in the midst of corruption, not unlike Donna Leon s Brunetti. A brilliant novel that really gives the feel of life inside the Soviet Union in the 1960s, and the life of a determined, dogged and likeable detective. It s okay As long as it s not at my dacha.

Thanks to the publishers for replacing my copy which was missing pages 159 166 or something they sent a complete book to me with no questions asked Mighty nice of them. I loved this book There s a gentleness to the writing, a decency behind so many characters rather the kind of people one would meet in Russia They re not particularly bloodthirsty, though a few are beyond callous along the way you will find interesting characters, a story that is as tightly wound as any detective novel you re likely to read in the next few years, and a new favorite author. `READ KINDLE ☛ Murder at the Dacha ↰ Senior Lieutenant Pavel Matyushkin Has A Problem Several, Actually Not The Least Of Them Is The Fact That A Powerful Soviet Boss Has Been Murdered, And Matyushkin S Surly Commander Has Given Him An Unreasonably Short Time Frame To Close The CaseThen There Is The KGB Colonel Who Seems A Bit Too Interested In The Course Of Matyushkin S Investigation And Pavel S Womanizing Office Mate, Who Gets Involved With A Subject Of The Case And A Series Of Petty Burglaries That Defy Resolution And Of Course Pavel S Complicated Love Interest, Who Is As Prickly As She Is Perceptive In His Debut Russian Crime Novel Set In S Moscow, Alexei Bayer Peels Back The Layers Of Late Soviet Life To Offer A Vivid, Gripping Tale Of Deception, Greed, Murder, And A Simple Detective Just Trying To Do His Job