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This is the 11th in a series of procedural police novels by Stuart Kaminsky The main character is Porfiry Rostnikov He supervises five detectives and they generally investigate 3 crimes per novel This one starts out with the investigation of a rapist, the murder of Jews and a mail bomber The stories are satisfying and the characters are likable The detectives lives evolve as the crimes are solved This is one of my favorite series. Good mystery [Read Epub] ♆ Tarnished Icons ☧ Rostnikov Is Quite Simply The Best Cop To Come Out Of The Soviet Union Since Martin Cruz Smith S Arkady Renko In Gorky Park San Francisco ExaminerIn The Topsy Turvy World Of Post Communist Russia, Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov S Work Is Never Done Three Congregants From A Local Synagogue, Gunned Down In The Night, Are The Latest Victims In The Seemingly Systematic Execution Of Jews In Moscow But The Shocking Identity Of One Of The Murdered Men Leads Rostnikov To Suspect That, Rather Than Simple Intolerance, A Calculated Motive Lies Behind The Slaughter Meanwhile, The City S Women Are Under Siege By The Shy One A Knife Wielding Rapist Who Strikes Without Being Seen And As The Last Vestiges Of Order Spin Wildly Out Of Control, A Rabid Antinuclear Crusader Plans To Send A Message To The New Russia Via An Explosive Special Delivery It S Up To Rostnikov And His Fellow Cops To Stop The Madness Before It Stops Russia For Good Stuart Kaminsky S Rostnikov Novels Are Among The Best Mysteries Being Written The San Diego Union i really enjoyed this book This series about police officers in Moscow gets better with each book. This is the eleventh novel in Kaminsky s Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov series, set in Russia It is a complicated mystery as the gang are working on several cases in addition to having to deal with a new superior since the Wolfhound has been promoted One case involves a serial rapist another a serial killer targeting Jews As a backdrop to the cases we see the changing personal life of each of the investigators as Moscow and Russia itself is changing I find it fascinating to watch how the political changes affect the individuals. Stuart Kaminsky, with this installment in the Rostinkov series, begins linking the volumes closer together The previous book saw Karpo lose his lover and Rostinkov build a friendship with FBI agent Craig Hamilton.Hamilton makes a reappearance in this volume, and one in a way I had not expected Rostinov had long had a crippled leg Thanks to Hamilton s influence and contacts, even in Russia, Rostinkov now has a modern artificial leg Karpo, the man who refuses emotion, is trying to deal with Mathilde s death.While the Office of Special Investigations receive a new commander the political stakes have risen In part because Jews are being murdered in Moscow.Rostinkov continues his development as the philosophical policeman whom as he ages cares and about people than their criminal actions The supporting cast remains intriguing, or at the worst interesting Give the books, especially the later installments in the series, a read. Where some of the stories have left you shaking your head, feeling that the characters have been let down, this one leaves you smiling The mystery of life during that time for a police officer was anything but rewarding, yet our team finally comes out with some good for them in the end Good reading, interesting and educational with sorrow and happiness mixed in. OK, but a little too much of the same old formula.

During a 2 week Road Scholar tour of Russia, I started reading and in some cases, rereading many of the books in this series I had always liked the series and the ensemble of characters, but visiting Russia in 2019 put it into a whole new light I would love to know where Kaminsky gets his information he must have some very close connections in Russia You can read this book on two levels as a colorful and suspenseful police procedural or as a commentary on 20th century Russia I ve done it both ways now and loved every minute Here are two quotes Karpo now had little faith that the people had the ability to escape centuries of corrupt survival under any system Capitalism was not the savior It was only another facade behind which the weak and uncommitted almost everyone could hide.Russians eat ice cream in spite of the weather It is a love, a need, an obsession that poets, psychiatrists, philosophers, and writers of novels have been at a loss to explain Old men have been known to get into fights in near zero weather while waiting in line for an ice cream cone The first is a thoughtful commentary on the disastrous effects of a brutal and corrupt form of capitalism in Russia, while the second is a trivial but delightful observation about food Both offer invaluable insights During the course of my trip, I ve been binge reading the series can t stop Inspector Rostnikov as becoming one o m favorite detectives He is subtle, highly intelligent and has a passion for plumbing In the unstable environment of early soviet Russia he is a beacon of hope.