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Just as other Rostnikovic series, this was an excellent read However, it s not for the babes There is than one story at ago, so you need to take your time to get all the stories as intended. Rostniko is almost as interesting as Gabriel Allon Smart, kind, very good at his job. I have been reading this series in order The books keep getting better and better This was the best one yet I would highly recommend this series to people who enjoy a good mystery series.

Keeps getting better story, characters, environment. Good fun holiday read I hope Kaminsky know Russia as well as he seems to because this was very convincing I loved the characterization and background the portrait of a society in freefall as it was in the early 90 s Rostnikov is a very appealing hero This is basically a police procedural And what do you know references to Ed MacBain who I also read for the first time this holiday An absorbing read. Readable, but miserable Dated now yes, there are computers in Russia, call phones exist as well and although there may still be organized crime, I suspect not too many folks lament the loss of communism.I guess as a period piece, it is OK, I see that is a part of a series of stories about these folks, so many things are left unresolved in a gratuitous set up for the next installment I can t say though that I care enough to make sure Sasha is safe, Alexei doesn t lose all or Elena and Iosef get together.I m shocked by the relatively high rating. One of a series of novels by Stuart Kaminsky involving police in Moscow This has a unit of detectives investigating four different crimes in a changing socio political landscape in Russia The book is very readable and the characters are interesting In a series that I like a great deal, this is one of the better stories in that series. *FREE PDF ⇧ Blood and Rubles ↾ Capitalism Comes, Communism Goes But Crime Springs Eternal For Inspector Rostnikov And His Metropolitan Police Force, Democracy Seems Only To Have Increased The Call For Their Services A Bloody Mafia Execution, A Gang Of Murderous Children, A Vanished Treasure Trove Of Czarist Artifacts, And A Kidnapping Are Amongst The Cases That Bedevil Rostnikov And Company As They Struggle To Uphold The Law We seem to hope that justice will prevail, but once again Porfiry and his inspectors find that in this new Russia law and order are only words, as rubles out weighs justice A good set of cases, little good comes from trying to do what should be considered right Leaves a sorry image of a country trying to evolve, but most likely true. I love Kaminsky in general but this story was disappointing The plot was ok but characters were hard to care about There are other Inspector Rostnikov novels in his collection that are better.