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Two novellas bound in one, both telling of Fandorin s work on behalf of Moscow city.In The Jack of Spades Fandorin is first assisting his patron Prince Dolgurukoi, governor of Moscow against some con men, and is then being subjected to a con himself As most con type stories, the tone is light.The Decorator is a dark and disturbing tale of a serial killer Expect lots of gore as Fandorin delves into the darkest sides of humanity.What to ExpectEach novel is written as a different type of mystery Akunin set out to rectify the low brow reputation of the mystery genre in post USSR Russia by writing worthy literature and exploring the wide gamut of sub genres Each novel is therefore excellently written as a different type of detective case While there is continuity in the protagonist s life between the novels, each is very different in themes and tones.I ve written a condensed review of the whole series on my website.What I likedI like the writing style The prose is intelligent and flowing, the mysteries are complex, and the cast is varied though those that make repeat appearances tend to die Fandorin himself is a great character, even though as a main character he still remains an enigma a tantalising mystery in itself that keeps readers engaged and clamouring to know.I love the historical background Akunin has done his research into Russian culture, mannerisms, environment, personalities, etc of the late 19th century early 20th century Most of the stories take place around Moscow, and Fandorin gets to meet and associate with the people of the times from the low life criminals of Khitrovka, to the grand dukes of the imperial family In a few cases, Akunin also has Fandorin active around notable events of the era, at times filling in details where history has left us stumped.Akunin is also a Japanophile, and has Fandorin spend a few years in Japan While details are sketchy and we want More , it is clear that he has a great love and deep knowledge of that culture and times.What to be aware ofBe aware that each of the novel is told in a different style Besides the obvious something new and different in each volume , one keyword is told They are almost all in 3rd person perspective, and quite often not from the point of view of Erast Fandorin which is both tantalising and frustrating at times It s this distance that keeps Fandorin an enigma, and keeps us coming back to learn.Fandorin has a Sherlockian intellect and impressive physical prowess He is not without his faults most notably hubris , but as a hero he is certainly a cut above the rest He also tends to get involved with a different femme fatale in each book This suits the detective genre perfectly, regardless of modern sensibilities.While the books are not really related and have few continuing characters, I d still strongly recommend to read them in order.Lastly, and this has nothing to do with Fandorin, since these are professional translations amazingly done by Andrew Bromfield via a traditional publisher, the price of ebooks and hardcovers is almost the same The ebooks are also missing some of the illustrations and other typographical effects that are present in the print I d definitely recommend reading the print edition, where possible.SummaryShould you read these novels Yes By all means, if you love historical mysteries these novels are a must read It is an intelligent, engaging, and just different enough series to be in a class of its own It s not surprising that in his home country of Russia, Akunin out sells JK Rowling In fact, since it s been a few years since I ve read them, I think I ll go back and re read my favourites Winter Queen, State Counsellor, and The Coronation Assaph Mehr, author of Murder In Absentia A story of Togas, Daggers, and Magic for lovers of Ancient Rome, Murder Mysteries, and Urban Fantasy. The fifth Inspector Fandorin mystery, this one is two chronologically sequential novellas In the first, a mysterious con artist nicknamed the Jack of Spades is embarrassing the higher ups in Moscow, particularly Prince Dologorukoi, who dispatches Fandorin to set an elaborate con of his own to catch the swindler This book also introduces a new assistant for the inspector, the desperately eager to please Anisii Tulipov, a sort of comic relief figure With improbable disguises galore, full of the twists and turns in fortune that are the hallmarks of this series, this is a rather light hearted episode in Fandorin s life.The next section, The Decorator, takes a decidedly grim turn, as Jack the Ripper comes to Moscow, leaving brutal death in his wake Not only streetwalkers, but, as the police close in on him, police agents, including poor Tulipov and his harmless family, are murdered in the nastiest way possible Akunin takes up narration from the Ripper s point of view at times he thinks of himself as the Decorator, for he makes the beautiful ugly by revealing their God given organs to the world and it is chilling how disturbed, how implacable in his own twisted logic, Akunin makes him The cat and mouse game of trying to catch the killer is again full of the ups and downs, the nearly there moments, and the Pyrrhic victories that make this series so suspenseful and exciting It s admirable, in fact, how Akunin is able to make his hero preternaturally lucky, devilishly handsome, physically implacable, and mentally superhuman, and yet match him with rogues and villains who stymie him at nearly every turn This series continues to be a joy to read. This book is actually 2 novellas, if you will, containing two different stories In story 1, The Jack of Spades, Fandorin is up against a clever con man whose calling card is the jack of spades He leaves it behind when he has pulled off a very successful swindle, and things come to a head when an Englishman is swindled out of a huge amount of money that the government must repay Enter our hero and his new assistant, Tulipov This one was pretty light hearted and very enjoyable to read Story 2 is entitled The Decorator, and Erast finds himself embroiled in a series of Jack the Ripper type slayings in the world of prostitutes This one is much serious a read, but still a total delight to watch Fandorin at work Very, very good, and fans of Erast Fandorin will definitely not be disappointed One could read this before the other books in the series, but my opinion is that starting with the first and moving on will only help you understand Fandorin s character better Very well written and I highly recommend it to those who like mysteries set in a historical time period or place, or to those who have been following the series all along I had to send to the UK for mine some time back, because I couldn t wait to read it I guess I ll do the same in January when 6 comes out

This pair of novellas puts Erast Fandorin on the trail of two Jacks In The Jack of Spades, Fandorin pursues the titular character, an infamous con artist who s come to Moscow to fleece the public in The Decorator Fandorin must track down none other than Jack the Ripper The Jack of Spades is a good caper story Momos, the Jack of Spades, is nearly as clever as Fandorin and has an excellent criminal mind He cons Fandorin, Fandorin cons him, back and forth, and the ending is either unexpected or totally obvious, depending on how criminal your own mind is I love young Anisii Tulipov He s hapless and has enormous jughandle ears, but he s a decent assistant to Fandorin and a sweet kid.I was less happy with The Decorator It s bloodier than I expect from the Fandorin books, for one thing, and I m not really a fan of Jack the Ripper stories, so I wasn t a good audience for it Still, I appreciated Akunin s skill at using the sections from the Ripper s POV as clues in the mystery, and he had a crucial moment of misdirection at the very end that I liked What I didn t like was view spoiler HE KILLED TULIPOV WHY WHY WHY Sure, it makes everything matter when characters we love die, but there s got to be a limit sometime hide spoiler Well, I was almost sorry to get to the end of this book, because it means the end of the Erast Fandorin mysteries, at least until any of the Russian versions get translated into English.In this final English installment of the Moscow special investigator, we get two novellas The first, Jack of Spades, involves Fandorin with a master con artist, and it has a lighter touch than many of the other mysteries humor, and in some ways, Fandorin s most worthy opponent.The second, The Decorator, is a reworking, and an expansion, of the Jack the Ripper story Think that has been done to death Not if the Ripper was a Russian who returned to his native land to continue his eviscerations Will Fandorin catch him And who else will die in the process I understand Akunin has now moved on to a mysteries series featuring a nun who discovers her answers despite bumbling about, but I m not sure if I m ready to make that transfer of affections yet This has been a good summer series I highly commend it. Akunin s Fandorin adventures is a perfect choice if you are a a real detective lover b admirer of classic Russian literature In his novels Akunin depicts Russia and not only Russia at the end of XIX beginning of the XX centuries where a brilliant detective, heartbreaker and admirer of Japanese philosophy Erast Fandorin elegantly solves the cruelest and trickiest crimes, getting acquainted with the members of Romanov dynasty, Ottoman pasha, Japanese ninja, most notorious criminals and most beautiful women The style of Akunin mysteries will remind you of classic XIX century Russian literature as well as Kazuo Ishiguro s The Remains of the Day or Agatha Christie s Murder on the Orient Express Special Assighments is the fifth book of Fandorin adventures It includes two novellas The Jack of Spades and The Decorator The first takes place mostly during the Maslenitsa week the last week before Great Lent and reflects the general atmosphere of fun and celebrations that take place during Maslenitsa time The Decorator is probably the darkest and grimiest among all Fandorin stories with Jack the Ripper coming on the scene 2 short novels As usual sweet candy Not too heavy Good mystery and great ideas Light read Nice *READ DOWNLOAD ☟ Особые поручения ↡ In Special Assignments, Erast Fandorin, Nineteenth Century Russia S Suavest Sleuth, Faces Two Formidable New Foes One Steals Outrageous Sums Of Money, The Other Takes Lives The Jack Of Spades Is A Civilized Swindler Who Has Conned Thousands Of Rubles From Moscow S Residents Including Fandorin S Own Boss, Prince Dolgorukoi To Catch Him, Fandorin And His New Assistant, Timid Young Policeman Anisii Tulipov, Must Don Almost As Many Disguises As The Grifter Does Himself The Decorator Is A Different Case Altogether A Savage Serial Killer Who Believes He Cleans The Women He Mutilates And Takes His Orders From On High, He Must Be Given Fandorin S Most Serious AttentionsPeopled By A Rich Cast Of Eccentric Characters, And With Plots That Are As Surprising As They Are Inventive, Special Assignments Will Delight Akunin S Many Fans, While Challenging The Gentleman Sleuth S Brilliant Powers Of Detection Another excellent one This is the first book from Akunin I ve read and I really liked it Usually I can t bring myself to read English translations from Russian I don t know, there s something missing in them, I think it s the innate humor of the Russian language but this translation was very good and read really smoothly.I didn t know what to expect, since all I knew about Fandorin was that he s a fan of things Japanese, has a Japanese servant and is good at martial arts but the most entertaining feature of the book was the atmosphere of the 19 th century Russia, with all the props champagne bears pancakes hotel rooms full of exotic plants and gaslights honest Orthodox people with their good natured lamentations and exclamations I can imagine this might become irritating in the long run, but I haven t read anything Russian for quite a while, so I just devoured this stuff.The book consists of two long novellas, and I definitely liked the first one better Would like to read another one in this vein the second story was also good, but less taut and less enjoyable, especially towards the end The resolution, given what must have happened to lead to it, was unsatisfactory to me.I d definitely read of this series Too bad that getting cheap books in Russian indeed, nearly any books apart from classics is nigh impossible here in Japan Oh well Maybe later.