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sublime if you ever lived with roommates, youll be larfin allot the literal translation of the russian title is one flew over the cucks nest and if that dont entice you, go to hell [[ Ebook ]] ✙ Вдовий пароход ⇞ My Husband Was Killed At The Front Right At The Beginning Of The War Thus Opens The Ship Of Widows, The Story Of Five Women Brought Together In A Large Communal Apartment By The Vagaries Of War In The Year The Narrative Traces The Ebb And Flow Of Their Relationships And The Changes Wrought In Their Lives By The Birth Of A Son To One Of The Women Grekova Conveys Vividly Not Only The Decisive Differences Between The Postwar Generation And Those Who Participated In The Defense Of Their Country, But Also The Extraordinary Capacity Of Human Nature To Endure And Overcome Seemingly Unendurable Suffering And Deprivation Above All, This Text Spotlights Female Experiences Of The War The Fate Of Those Who Did Not Engage In Battle At The Front, But Fought Just As Desperately To Survive Starvation, Cold, And Exhaustion, To Maintain Homes And, In A Sense, A Country To Which Soldiers Could Return Ship Of Widows Provides A Cultural Key To An Understudied Period Of Russia S History And An Understudied Segment Of Its Population Women This New Paperback Edition Includes An Illuminating Foreword By Helena Goscilo I thoroughly enjoyed this short novel about widows living in a communal apartment during and after World War 2 Grekova s understanding of psychology and the specific demands of the era make Ship of Widows an absorbing book about interdependence, among other things My blog has here, with general plot information but no specific spoilers. I was given this book for my birthday, years ago when I was still in University I liked it very much, it gave me insight in the daily life, struggles and the way of thinking of people in the former USSR We here had no other way then to learn anything about that, but from books, or an occasional movie that was shown on a Slavic night.This book was an eye opener for me. Very readable Soviet book about lives in a communal apartment Compassionate and moving And very Russian. I started to read this and realized it seemed awfully familiar Guess I ve read it before 3 stars because of the fact that it wasn t that memorable But it s not bad. Excellent post WWII Soviet fiction This author has a realistic, yet gripping style, will keep you turning those pages Depressing subject matter but well worth reading Glimpse into the lives of USSR women before and after WW11, so sad.